We offer the development and implementation of machine learning and deep learning solutions. The method we use in a specific case depends on the task, the available and obtainable data, and the required quality (precision) of the solution.

Our vision

SMEs use the AI technologies, AI capabilities and AI knowledge that give their companies a privileged position in global markets.

Our mission

Make a significant contribution to implementing our vision. This includes the development and implementation of AI solutions and the dissemination of AI knowledge in industry and society.

Our goals

  • Maximize the benefit generated for our customers by our AI projects in the dimensions: Solutions quality, ROI and project duration.
  • Execute the number of AI projects that our capacity allows.
  • Rapidly expand our project capacity while maintaining the benefits.


In order to achieve our goal of maximizing the benefits described for our customers, we capitalise on:

  • unicoKI knowledge and experience
  • High quality of use cases
  • Project process
  • Data science project processes
  • MATLAB ©, GPUs and cloud infrastructures
  • High-profile freelancers
  • Consulting division of The Mathworks Inc.


Strategy elements

  • unicoKI knowledge and experience: We have decades of experience with MATLAB and with detection and estimation theory, which are closely related to machine learning.
  • High quality of use cases: The use cases are the basis for the development of the solutions and determine their functionality and benefits. We determine and develop the use cases with employees of our customers. As a result, a high level of expertise in AI, the industry and the customer’s products and services are incorporated.
  • Project process: This is essentially an innovation process. It has the following characteristics: Solutions for different use cases are developed simultaneously, resources are allocated to use cases depending on the expected benefit, low benefit use cases are detected early in the process and stopped.
  • Data Science Project Processes: The use of the proven data science project processes CRISP-DM and ASUM-DM, which include agile project elements, contribute to the quality of the results and speed of AI projects.
  • MATLAB ©, GPUs and cloud infrastructures: Using the numerical research and development platform MATLAB has advantages over open source programming languages and libraries for the development of machine learning and deep learning solutions. “MATLAB Desktop” is a virtual machine implementation for cloud infrastructures in data centers which opens unicoKI the access to the most powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) leading to reduction of development time by orders of magnitude.
  • MATLAB was also chosen by DeepMind for the development of the AI computer program AlphaGo, which in March 2016 beat the South Korean Lee Sedol, who was considered one of the world’s best Go professional players, in the “Google DeepMind Challenge Match” 4-1.
  • High-quality freelancers: We involve Freelancers when appropriate. We recruit them locally and from internationally operating companies with highly experienced experts, some of whom have a doctorate and have worked in organizations such as NASA. Our freelancers are affordable and offer high cost-benefit ratios.
  • Consulting department of The Mathworks Inc.: If necessary and limited to short periods of time, we can involve the consultants of The Mathworks. This is the world’s leading developer and provider of technical software for mathematical calculations (MATLAB) and model-based development.