First of all, a few basic remarks:

The objective or task determines the use case and the use case determines the model and the data that ideally should be used to train the model or models.

The definition of a use case should be performed by a team that has

  • expertise in customer`s industry and company: Machines, plants, processes, products and services, customers and competition
  • expertise and experience in: Machine learning and deep learning theory and practice, project processes, use cases and business cases, solution development platforms including cloud in data centers and IoT technology.

Such teams are very important prerequisites for successful projects and above-average AI solutions. When good teams of this kind are formed, the unicoKI team does not need to have a deep knowledge of the industry and can focus deeper in AI solutions. With such teams, unicoKI can develop effective AI solutions in a variety of industries and business functions.

The diagram shows an overview of industries and business functions:

  • Texts in the grey cells show industries and business functions. The elements in the gray cell matrix represent combinations of the corresponding industries and business functions.
  • The texts in the orange cells directly to the right of the business functions represent the applications that unicoKI currently covers
  • The bright orange fields in the middle of the diagram indicate areas of unicoKI core competence.